Be Undeniably AWESOME!!!
Do you long to live a life greater than the one you have now?
Do you know in your heart that you can be so much more than you are but have no idea how to change it?

Do you long to be undeniably awesome? 

You need the tools to transform your belief system, master your mindset and rocket fuel your life into the one you have always dreamed of. 

Catherine Plano has them. 

And she can’t wait to share them with you in this awe-inspiring masterclass! 



How can Catherine Help You Change Your Life?
Catherine Plano has dedicated her life to helping individuals just like you become who they really are.

She knows that you’re capable of so much more than you allow yourself.

She knows that, to be your absolute best, you need to tap into your greatest asset – your mind. Even when you don’t realise it, you have limiting beliefs that are hijacking your conscious mind, inhibiting your potential to live a flourishing life of fulfilment. 

But how do you change them if you don’t know what they are, what to do and how to do it?

This is where Catherine comes in.

She will set about cracking you open to understanding the internal barriers that hinder you from being who you know you really are. Even more so, she will equip you with the necessary tools to replace this old belief system with an ultra-empowering state of mind. 
Why this Intensive One-day Masterclass?
Sometimes it’s easy to think you are out on your own, facing some new, potentially insurmountable obstacle in your personal or professional life. 

You’re not.

Individuals are facing remarkably similar challenges everywhere. Pain points crop up for the best and worst people. The best people recognise them, work through them and come out on the other side smarter and happier than ever before.

But not without tools.

Therefore, Catherine has designed this one-day masterclass to get you started on your path to being the person you aspire to be.

In this illuminating and captivating workshop, Catherine will guide you step-by-step through her 12 POWERFUL TOOLS that will radically change the way you look at the world and your life: 
  • ​  Enlightening - Catherine will help you focus and harness your inherent talents and strengths so you will be more productive, more confident and more successful in all life areas.
  • ​  Accessible - We know you’re time-poor, so we’ve taken the best information and made it available in bite-sized chunks that you can immediately work with to start seeing results.
  • ​  Supportive - The workshop is a great chance to network with people you’d never have had the chance to meet otherwise. Plus, we encourage participants to stay in touch and continue to support each other over the longer term.
  • ​  Transformative - Catherine will open you up to a myriad of strategies that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. She will ask you the right questions and provide you with the correct tool kit to move forward.
  • ​  Effective - We guarantee that you’ll leave motivated and energised, armed with must-have tools that will make an immediate impact on your career, relationships and life. 
What will you Learn?
Throughout this jam-packed, fun and educational day, Catherine will show you how to open up your mind to seeing yourself and your surroundings in a completely new way.

In a relaxed environment, you’ll learn alongside like-minded individuals how to: 
  • Develop a mindset that attracts wealth and success
  • ​Manage your time effectively and get more out of your day
  • ​Foster better and stronger relationships
  • ​Build confidence by creating a pathway to happiness
  • ​Encourage and achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • ​Cultivate a better workplace
  • ​Eliminate negative thinking and worrying 
  • ​Create new thought patterns that bring abundance into your life
  • ​Have brave conversations and efficient feedback skills
  • ​Overcome fear by clearing insecurity and low self-esteem
  • ​Combat mental fatigue and get your high energy back
Catherine will help you begin the journey to becoming a totally new, totally awesome you.

The YOU that you were born to be. 
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Sancia Robinson
Robert Hennessy
James Robert
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Corinne Plano
Who should Attend?

Regardless if you are an:
  • Entrepreneur / Business Owner
  •  Intrapreneur
  •  Grandparent
  •  Parent
  •  Teen
  •  Teacher
  •  Student
  •  Freelancer
  •  Artist
  •  Employee
  •  Leader
Or anyone that wants to make an impact on the world and be the undeniably awesome person they were born to be!
About Catherine Plano

Catherine is known in her community as an innovative leader and creative entrepreneur who specialises in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. She is passionate about assisting others to reach their highest ambitions and live a life that is fulfilling and rich. Catherine is an International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Leadership Development Professional, Queen of Transformation, a Creative Soul Adventurer, a Theorist and Provocateur of Change, and… an Agent of Philosophy. Catherine Plano has dedicated her entire life to helping others transform their own lives into greatness. With more than two decades of working with renowned companies and touching 100,000 lives through spiritual and mental reinvention.

Catherine believes that the more people we help tap into their potential power the more the population will become awake to a consciousness shift towards the global mindset for the betterment of all humankind. Catherine has made it her mission to help as many people as possible to transform their lives and fulfill their potential and tap into their super power to help change and inspire to magnetize themselves to a life of abundance, whether it is more love, health, wealth, happiness or success, to transform and empower their life, career and relationships. 

A mover and shaker by heart and a source for people to come to and take them through a transformation, a breakthrough, a life altering experience… moving them from ordinary to extraordinary, from impossible to possible, from unable to able, to have the freedom, happiness and wholeness that they deserve.
Don’t miss this chance to quickly build your skills to become a highly effective and inspiring leader others are eager to follow
Read what others say about working with Catherine...
Amanda Campbell
'It was so wonderful to get so much juicy content ...'
"It was so wonderful to get so much juicy content out of The Be Undeniably Awesome Workshop. I learned about the monkey brain, how to get out of autopilot and manage emotions better. I also walked away with the first chapter of my autobiography! I can now apply constructive tools immediately into my life. Thanks Catherine and to her wonderful team, it was such a fun day and I learned a lot." 
Todd Beavis
'I find myself returning to the lessons she shared ...'
"Catherine’s love and interest in people is apparent as soon as you walk into the room, providing a comforting welcome that gives you the sense that you are in for something special. Her ability to connect and inspire comes from a genuine and deep curiosity about what makes us tick and how we can become better versions of ourselves. The day took us through ways to explore and better understand who we are and why we do what we do. Giving us tools to challenge our thinking that have proven useful in managing my team. I find myself returning to the lessons she shared when faced with a difficult situation and look forward to working with her again.
Sonia Hickey
'I found courage and inner-strength'
"I began working with Catherine at a critical juncture in my life. My marriage was ending and I needed to re-boot my business, which had become stagnant while I was focused on raising small children.

Catherine was a relentless, stable, nurturing, supportive force, who gently guided me to the things that I needed to tend to, emotionally, practically, physically and spiritually ... And in working with her I found courage and inner-strength at a time that was, for the most part, overwhelming.

She helped me to turn negative circumstances into personal life transformation, and to this day I owe her a deep debt of gratitude for her wisdom, her patience and her friendship." 
Clair McQueen
'I have confronted a major fear and beaten it'
"I feel more confident, I have established my values and started living them, said goodbye to some bad habits, confronted a major fear and beaten it, and kept a journal for the first time in my life. In general, I’ve had a good hard look at myself and am making changes in every aspect of my life that make me feel better than I ever imagined I could – especially in such a short period of time."
Rhonda Ferridge
'Catherine Plano is transformation personified'
"What are the words that best describe my experience while working with Catherine?
Catherine is full of resources, wisdom, and genuineness. She is gifted in her ability to guide you as you take a deep dive into that greater part of which you are, providing the tools necessary for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Catherine was a guiding light that helped me unlock many things. Now, when faced with a challenges, I hear the mantras and positive reinforcements that she helped me create, walking away with this a compass for the rest of my life. Catherine Plano is transformation personified."
Georgia Berrill  
'Connect with our own version of awesome'
"I would like to thank Catherine for a wonderful day at her ‘Undeniably Awesome’ seminar. It was enlightening, interesting and extremely valuable. I really enjoyed the engaging way in which Catherine uses stories and anecdotes to help you relate to what you’re learning about. It was great to have such an open and honest discussion with the group and to see each of us throughout the day connect with our own version of awesome. Thank you Catherine and I look forward to seeing your seminars and conferences reach the stars! "
Niva Thongkham
'Catherine is a true change maker'
"Catherine is an amazingly talented, understanding, compassionate, selfless, unique and dedicated woman. She is the most generous human being I have ever encountered. Catherine is so incredibly humble and will move mountains to make a ‘real’ difference in our world, a true change maker, she was put on this earth to be of service to others unconditionally – she literally puts her whole heart and soul into every little thing that she does.

Working with Catherine has taught me major life and spiritual lessons, I have evolved as a woman, as an entrepreneur and as a spirit."
Gizem Darendelioglu
'Catherine is is a true leader who practices what she preaches'
"Catherine’s positive energy is life changing. Her sincerity, passion and generosity of sharing what she has is truly inspiring. She motivates you on the way to connect with the person you truly are and to believe, care for and love that person. She is a true leader who practices what she preaches. She doesn’t only talk but she walks with you, accompanies you on the way to where you had chosen to reach. Her presence brings motivation, hope and happiness to my life.
Catherine has a deep understanding in human behaviour and is able to read a problem accurately and work energetically with you to make it difference. Most energy workers create a temporary shift – where Catherine has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them."
Aykut Ozal
'Catherine has a unique ability to help unleash personal potential'
"I didn't know what I was walking into when I first attended the Be Undeniably Awesome workshop. I had never done something like this before. It's safe to say I didn't have high expectations. I did not expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of myself and I certainly did not expect to ignite the motivation required to take the next steps in my personal journey. I walked away pleasantly surprised. Catherine has a unique ability to help unleash personal potential through a highly reflective and cathartic experience. I've since had the opportunity to apply some of the learnings which have transformed the way I look at and react to life's situations. Experiences like this are rare to come across, and I'm so grateful for the value it has added to my life. A big thank you to Catherine and her team for a wonderful day - I look forward to more.”
Don’t miss this chance to quickly build your skills to become a highly effective and inspiring leader others are eager to follow
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